3 responses to Serving in the Peace Corps: Eastern Caribbean

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I would love to see the contrast between Dominica and Martinique. Before coming here, we had one month of Peace Corps training in St. Lucia, and the two islands are very different.

    Peace Corps doesn’t allow volunteers to choose their placement (country, community, or work-site). I could have ended up anywhere in the world…I just got lucky.

  2. That was really interesting! I only visited Dominica once (unofficially – ha!) but I would love to go back. It’s just really natural and roots, having maintained a lot of traditional ways of life. I spent more than a year in Martinique (which is just south of Dominica) and it’s totally different in that it is European in terms of infrastructure so they make an interesting contrast considering how close they are. You should definitely make a trip to one of the neighbouring islands if you get the chance!

    Were you able to choose your placement, or was it just sort of luck?

  3. That’s an awesome article! I really enjoyed reading about your experience.

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