11 responses to Kenya

  1. like how great you have represented and presented our magic Kenya

  2. Love your photos! So beautiful…only making me want to visit Kenya even more now

  3. I used to work for a high-end ecotourism company called Uncharted Outposts. =)

  4. Funny breakfast surprise!

  5. What do you do for work, that you go to Kenya for free?

  6. These pictures just make you want to drop everything and go there…fantastic

  7. Incredible View . I like the way you prefer to stay in tent and enjoying the beautiful nature by being part of it cos this will make you understand wildness properly .

  8. Great faces and places . . . but the giraffes steal the show :)

  9. Great series of photos. Love #3 especially! (:

  10. It was a dream come true for me as well! I was lucky enough to go for free and stay at some of the most incredibly luxurious places in the country. However, this was for my job and I would honestly much prefer staying in a tent among the wildness of it all!

  11. I’m really dreaming of going to Kenya. I love this collection <3

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