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  1. There are several official sites for Meniere’s Disease – just put Meniere’s in to Google. Glad you found my blog interesting and thanks for your comment.

  2. If conceivable, as you clear expertise, would you mind updating your blog with far more information?

    It really is damned valuable in return me.

  3. Thanks for your nice wishes.

  4. My husband was given Tanganil for years and years and he always claimed it did nothing to help. Then, just recently, the doctor said he doesn’t prescribe it any more – because it doesn’t work ! Goodness. I always champion docotrs, being from a family of doctors, but there are moments when ……

  5. Hi Catherine,

    I really feel for Bruce as I endured 7 years of hell with Meniere’s disease. I have been symptom free since 2002. I found a way (nutrition and lifestyle)
    The thing to remember is that Meniere’s is an idiopathic condition, meaning they don’t know the cause. So what they are saying when they say you have meniere’s is, we think we know what is happening in there but we don’t have a clue why. The ye then send you on your way with diuretics and if you are unlucky tranquilizers and say live with it. (least ways that is the experience of most people who contact us.) The is a reason for the inflammation in there and we can find it. We have been working hard with menieres-disease.ca on triggers and causes and although yes although it seems there are so many possible triggers, the original causes we have narrowed down to a handful of very common threads we have noticed after years of research and communicating with sufferers.

    We are bringing a book out very soon and creating a membership site for sufferers. We hope to be able to sow doctors real statistics and real data in the future and hope that everyone looking for answers will be much better informed in the future and get relief much quicker.

    Keep an eye on our blog menieres-help.com/blog and we will be posting news on that very soon. You will probably notice that we talk a lot about certain supplements that almost always give people relief as they have me. Sure we can live normal lives with no symptoms, but the supplements are expensive so we have been spending years looking at causes so people can do something about them.

    And I will challenge ANY medical professional to a debate on this. We are tired of people coming to us after being told by their doctor there is nothing to be done, take the medicine and live with it. Sorry Docs that just is not good enough.

    There IS light at the end of this twisted tunnel of ours. We just need to open our minds to all the possibilities. IN my case…a twisted spine, affecting my neck and in turn my ear.

  6. Hmmm … yes, that sounds like a great idea. Thanks.

  7. Thank you. I have passed these good wishes on to Bruce – he is still in bed today, having got up and staggered about a bit last evening. All the best to your grand dad. And Merry Christmas !
    Catherine Broughton

  8. Dear Catherine,

    I found your blog very interesting. My grandfather has menieres and mostly is affected by unsteadiness, he becomes very dizzy and finds it hard to walk in one line without support. Though the disease has cost him a lot, he has found a balance in his life and hasn´t had an episode in decades. I hope your husband finds his balance as well, and wish you all the best.

  9. Good luck with it all!! Sounds like you both have great attitudes to it.

    Most practitioners nowadays will do skype/ phone consultations (obviously not for the osteopathy). I know some people who’ve had fantastic results with their health.

  10. Many thanks for this, Claire. I will certainly look in to it. We have tried acupuncture which seemed to help a little bit for a while, but I fear nutritional therapy may be a bit too much for the French … but I will have a good search!

  11. Hi, it may be worth considering seeing an experienced nutritional therapist (not sure how well known the discipline is in France!) to support as there may be other factors that can help boost overall health and therefore lessen symptoms (great that you have some known trigggers!) and also cranial osteopathy can be very beneficial to some people.

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