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  1. That’s a classic, Pretraveller! Sometimes we outsmart ourselves with hiding our valuables. We do such a good job, WE can’t even remember that we did it (or sometimes even where we put them :P )

  2. These are great stories!!

    My worst mistake was to accidentally leave my bag containing my passport, airline tickets and money under the mattress on my hostel bed in Switzerland. I was already a long way away doing a day trip when I realized what had happened. While I had a nice day out I stressed the whole way. I was very relieved to return and find my valuables where I had left them. Phew!!

  3. On arrival at customs in America my husband was asked to do a finger print for his left hand. When he put on his right hand finger by mistake the customs guy asked him to reset the computer by doing a nose print. Ha ha. He was so nervous he did it!

  4. I hope Michael is a really cute guy because he sure causes a lot of trouble.

  5. Check the airport! Moscow, Tokyo and Paris all have at least two. And you may not be headed to the right one. Trust me. It happens.

  6. Two boneheaded misadventures occurred on a recent pleasure trip to China.

    Half an hour prior to boarding, I was at the gate and just happened to dig into my carry-on for my wallet (containing my passport, money, boarding pass, life). Gone! Running out of time, I sprinted a half mile back to the last place I recalled seeing it – the security check. It wasn’t there, and no one had turned it in.

    I’m panicking a little inside at this point as with no passport, I won’t be getting on the flight and that would be it for my vacation. Retracing my steps while attempting to stay calm and resigning myself to the probability that my trip was over before it began, I found it sitting on top of the ATM machine near the gate. Thousands of people passing by and not a soul had touched it. At least I got a good mile of aerobic exercise in, but could have done without the stress.

    Unfortunately misadventure would strike again, hours later. Sitting in the exit row on the plane somewhere near the international dateline, there was no ‘pocket in front of me’ to put my garbage so I stuffed it in a plastic magazine bag and dropped it in my carry on. Shortly thereafter, I took off my iPhone that I’d been listening to music on and tossed it into the carry-on as well and took a snooze. In my haze after waking, I became aware that the flight attendant was picking up trash so I scrambled to get my garbage out of my bag for her. An hour later, I looked for my $600 iPhone with all the contact information and details for my trip and you guessed it: it had slipped in with the trash and was now sitting in one of the many garbage bins amidst food remnants and who knows what else.

    Miraculously St. Christopher was looking out for me and somehow the crew found my ‘needle in a haystack’ and I dodged the second near catastrophe in the first 4 hours of my trip. I’m not usually this stupid!

  7. I was flying back to the US from BKK through Tokyo on NorthWest.
    Had a plane change and a 3 hours layover at Narita.
    Going through the security check point, I suddenly realized that my passport missing ( since I had to present it there)
    I ran back to the gate but it was already closed. Luckily, I found a NorthWest staff and she kindly went on board and found my passport holder on my seat. That was such a relief!

  8. Very funny! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Everyone makes mistakes, but it says a lot in a positive way that you can tell about it and laugh! Kudos, and it makes for a good read too, so thank you as well!

  10. I loved these! Although they were mishaps, I bet you have enjoyed retelling the stories. Thanks for sharing.

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