2 responses to A Cat With Every House

  1. The kittens came on April 24th. Five adorable little things and Kira is letting us pick them up and pet them. The first itty bitty newborn cats I have ever seen and we are charmed. Now to be responsible ex-pats…is there such thing?

  2. oooo kitty cats! I rent a basement apartment on a horse farm in Wisconsin where there are two barn cats. One is an old momma cat that is probably going to live forever! The other one is a one year old cat named Rebel who appropriatly named loves to chase after anything… mice, horses tails, and car tires. We definately try to look out for that one; there are bets to how long he’ll survive. Definately a dog person myself, the farm also comes with a german shepherd. Really loved reading your blog post, and makes me want to venture to Portugal one day!

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