5 responses to The value of telling the truth. In the shower.

  1. I’m glad that you’ve realized that your son’s bathroom time very may well be time alone to relax and reflect! Thanks for the comments guys!

  2. It’s a fact… “The truth shall set you free!” I used to get so upset at my son because he would just sit on the toliet and wonder off into another world. He won’t have a concern about time, what needed to be done at the present moment….essentially everything in his surrounding environment was merely an illusion….insignificant. And used to put a time limited on his bathroom time, but after resting this article I realized that that was his time to detox either to start our to end his day. Although he his just a child and our concept of life is different…..at the end of the day everyone no matter what age recaps on or decisions, goals and lifes ambitions. This is own we grow into persons we are intended to become. Reflection is imparative to human growth…..without that you will conform to what people think you should be or do. We condition ourselves to what we think others would accept, but its my life I’m living for myself…life is too short!

  3. Thank you. I needed to hear that.

  4. Such a touching post. I’m a shower thinker, too, and have also recently come to the realization that being true to yourself means giving good news to some, while disappointing others. You just can’t make everyone happy. But being honest with oneself – well, that’s one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves, isn’t it?

  5. Ah, the shower! I do a lot of thinking there too. “That distinction, at one time blurred, is as clear and honest as any shower revelation.” I love that line.

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