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inkslinging. guitar plucking. traveling. hiking. moonlit bike riding. photography. vinatge travel trailers. triumph motorcycles. hoodies. being barefoot. digging in the dirt. the onslaught of social media. not microwaves. not zombies.


  • Yonatan Kelib posted an update: 4 years ago

    @sonyaharvey Hi Sonya,

    Sorry for the delayed response and thanks for the well wishes. I hope your are out traveling and will be uploading new pics soon :-)

  • David Shults posted an update: 4 years, 1 month ago

    @sonyaharvey You’re welcome. Loved the article about living in the car. Yes and no regarding Black Rock. I’m trying to work out two trips there this year. For sure I will be at Burning man again this year. But I also want to make a non-Burning Man trip and see and explore the playa and surroundings completely empty in all it’s beauty. I’m…[Read more]

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