6 responses to Christmas in a Foreign Land

  1. Hibiscus Road,
    Thank you. Trust me that girl didn’t need any photos to come alive. She’s a live-wire; hadda use flash on a sunny day to catch her !


  2. Thanks for your comment! Great writing style,and nice of you to help a friend. Your photos make the little girl come to life.

  3. To have Santa come to your house you have to believe!

    Beautiful little girl.

  4. I can understand his feelings on having so many accounts and passwords. If we ever lost our notebooks full of hints and reminders on every site…

    Great pictures, Mike! I’m glad to see them online!

    Raising a child in a foreign land and trying to uphold traditions…that’s difficult. I think Travellohr’s right, it would make an incredible article. Unfortunately, I don’t have any wisdom to lend, but I’m sure hundreds of others do. He isn’t the first facing this dilemma.

    Good luck!

  5. Mike, the first picture is beautiful :-) ! The little girl’s eye on the bubble is so warm and nice. Mike, just today I started on Twitter. So give me awhile to get a hang of how it works. If you’re on facebook, we could connect there as well. Here’s wishing you a belated Christmas and a wonderful New Year !! Stay in touch.

  6. Mike – I really like these photos, especially “The Bubble Girl.”

    And how to keep Christmas alive for expats’ children in a non-Christian country – I think your friend’s story would make a great article somewhere.

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