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  1. Iceland with a C? :) I’ll be glad to answer any and all questions about it. The main piece of advice I give is go beyond the Golden Circle, as it’s really crowded and actually not as impressive compared to the rest of the country. The number one spot that you can take a bus to? The Westfjords. But anywhere around Vatnajökull is pretty amazing too. And Snæfellsnes. Everything! Thanks for reading!

  2. I can totally relate to all of this and I am glad you’ve written about it, well done. I hope my post grad life resembles yours; Iceland (not Ireland) is actually on the list for a round-the-world trip so I’ll definitely be sending a message your way some time in the future.

  3. Really?! For moving to Maui? That is depressing. I can only imagine the response to your teaching in SK if some couldn’t wrap their brains around Hawaii. Ah yes, the “real” job. That’s the worst. If someone ever brings that one out, at least in my mind that’s a “you didn’t just go there.” Resist the car. You don’t really need one in most countries outside of the US, especially SK. I think even outside Seoul public transport is still pretty great.

  4. Ugh! I got skeptical comments for weeks leading up to my move to Maui a few years ago and that’s not even a foreign country. Now that I’m thinking about teaching English in South Korea… well, you can guess. My mom has even tried convincing me to stay by offering to by me a car if I get a “real” job. ergh…

  5. Also, booze is my general reaction to these situations as well.

  6. I really hate to say this, but after spending so much time on correcting people when I was about to leave for Sweden, or Switzerland to them (Swedezerland?), I have just given up. It’s not as bad with people around my age, but when dealing with most in their late 40s+, it’s a safe bet they will go on not caring about the other places on the world map. I don’t correct them unless they say something incredibly offensive. A lot of it can be tied into their political views as well as I can almost hear their sphincters slam shut with tension when I mention I’m going to a socialist country, so I definitely let sleeping dogs lie there. (I live in a very conservative county in North Carolina, where my friend and I joke that we’re the only two progressives in the area)

  7. I’m torn between laughing hysterically and banging my head against the wall because I’ve had these same questions directed at me (I’m compromising by chortling and reaching for a glass of vino). I guess my question is this: can these skeptics be shown the other side of traveling (or should you even try to argue with them, if they are so set in their ways)?

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