3 responses to Why Nice Guys Finish Last

  1. I never said anything about seeing this as negative. Simply responding.

  2. Did you even read my post? I wrote about being passionate about what you do regardless of what it is, how are you seeing this as negative?

    I’m not aiming at bashing the volunteer either.

    I help people all the time, not because of an expected return, but because I genuinely like to help.

    As for hope, yeah, I do hope that who I am has a positive influence on those around me. If I’m not bringing up and helping those around me then what am I doing? (and no, I don’t “do it” for that reason) Few people like to be around negative people and energy.

    Thank you for commenting : )

  3. For myself, the volunteer I’d gravitate towards would be the most human of the two. I don’t give a rats ass about hierarchal/who’s getting things done . . . give me a good person, Every Time.

    And, I disassociate myself from any results/Expectations of what I do. I do what I do to serve the person/and/the moment. I don’t “do it” with the hope of anything; what I do is not an investment in any future . . . it is an investment in Now.

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