6 responses to Staying Environmental Even When Your Abroad

  1. super interesting sue! thanks for the lead. you know i’m a fan of the economist, but never seen this debating part of them. very, very cool! as i imagine you must be as well for knowing of such a thing lol

  2. Zack, Really enjoyed your article. You might find this interesting

  3. Thats astounding. I rightly think everyone deserves at least one of those books in their lifetime!

  4. Correct you are Zack, Re: Revolution . . . the birth of 60″ TV’s and $10 eighteen packs of Bud have all but squashed a serious discussion . . . and Yes! do look up the Lopez (available on Kindle as well); he is the first writer who made me say . . . “This is what writing can be.”

  5. Sounds like an awesome book. I’m going to have to check that one out. Adding it to my wishlist now.

    I think its a bit frightening that it seems impossible for any type of real rebellious uprising to take place nowadays in the US — we’re comfortably numb.

  6. Since this book came out in the early 90′s, I read it every year on Columbus Day: “The Rediscovery Of North America” by Barry Lopez. And yes, higher-ups are tools anymore . . . I’m talkin’ about a revolution . . . in the face of any kind of tyranny, a proper response.

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