Island hopping through the Philippines

Sail with us in Palawan's breathtaking archipelago,
island hopping through untouched nature on a 73-foot-long trimaran sailboat.

5 Days, 4 Nights
Per Person
This trip includes everything but your flights and beachside beers! Leave the details to Matador Trips and join us on a full-service island-hopping adventure. All accommodation, transfers, activities, and food are included.
Dates & Guides
December 3rd-7th 2022
Coron to El Nido
Flexible booking, 100% refund guarantee.
If you've been stuck in quarantine and dreaming of beaches and islands -- we have your travel comeback trip dialed. Our group of 20 will embark on a private sailing excursion, traveling through Asia's most beautiful island chain. The Palawan archipelago is an unspoiled, remote paradise that we will have almost all to ourselves as we sail from one island camp to another in a private trimaran sailboat.


What you'll do

Island hopping on a private 73-foot-long sailboat

If you haven’t experienced the magic behind the expression “It’s more fun in the Philippines” then you are in for a once in a lifetime treat. This unique boat trip could not exist anywhere else in the world.

Hike and swim around deserted islands

Reconnect with nature and embrace the simple island life. We’ll explore empty beaches, hidden caves and caverns, and swim in gorgeous green water set against dramatic limestone cliffs.

Live on fresh and natural Filipino cuisine

Each day the crew will prepare fresh-caught fish and natural veggies grown on their local island farm. Vegetarian and vegan options are available.

Beach bonfires with beers, big group dinners

Each evening we’ll come together for big group dinners and celebrate being in the middle of the ocean together under the stars.

Photo education

Whether you are a pro photographer or just enjoy taking cool shots with your phone/GoPro, our Matador photo instructors will work with you during informal photo walks and mini-workshops to take your personal travel photography to another level.

A professional video of your epic adventure

Our professional in-house filmmaker will be documenting our adventure on a daily basis, and we will give you the video of this trip so that you can relive the adventure courtesy of us.

The ultimate adventure with like-minded travelers

We curate groups of like-minded adventurers for the perfect vibe. Bring your friends and make new ones on this epic adventure.

Support local communities through sustainable travel

We aim to travel as consciously as possible. Our boat supports local communities, women’s initiatives, and farms.


Scott Sporleder

Scott Sporleder, Matador’s long-time Creative Director, has spent over 10 years shooting and directing photo and video projects, as well as award-winning original films, all over the world. He will lead fun and inspiring workshops in travel photography and filmmaking that show how each journey can become a story.

Instagram @SpoArt

Boat Crew

Meet our local boat crew! Experts at navigating the Palawan islands, they can assist with your every need- from teaching you to fish the Filipino way to helping gather fresh coconuts.

Where we’re going

Trip Details

What's my itinerary?

This 5-day island hopping tour is designed to capture the carefree, spontaneous nature of Filipino island life. Each day will bring unique activities and sights that are a reflection of the weather patterns and the interests of the group on-board. A sample itinerary would look something like this:

8:00 am: Wake up and enjoy a freshly prepared breakfast
9:00 am: Board the boat for a day of island hopping, exploring, swimming and sailing
12:00 pm: Enjoy a freshly prepared lunch on a private island lagoon and learn to harvest your own coconuts
1:00 pm: Swim, snorkel, kayak, or just relax under the trees
2:00 pm: Board the boat to depart for the overnight base camp, optional fishing during the journey
3:30 pm: Arrival at base camp, free time
5:30 pm: Beach bonfire and freshly prepared dinner
What’s included?
  • 5-day boat expedition.
  • 4 nights of Filipino beach-hut style camping.
  • Wild open nature and island living.
  • All freshly prepared meals, snacks, and beverages (coffee, tea, water).
  • Mask and snorkels (fins are not provided).
  • Optional water and land activities including kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, sailing, cooking lessons, trekking, cliff diving, village tours and more.
  • Photography training.
  • A videographer will join us to document the trip, and you can take home a video of the trip in the end.
What’s NOT included?
  • Your flights (we can help you find the right flight!).
  • Accommodation before and after the trip.
  • Tip for the crew.
  • Perfect weather.
  • Fins, towels.
  • Other beverages onboard (beer, cocktails, sodas, juice).
  • Eco-Tourism Development Fee, paid directly to local government officials for entering protected areas, between $8-10 USD.
How many people will be on the boat?

The Paraw can accommodate up to 19 guests, 4 Matador staff, and 10 local crew members.

What’s the sleeping situation?

In El Nido/Coron, you can choose from a wide variety of luxury and basic hotel accommodations before and after the trip. On the island journey, we’ll be staying in local style huts on the beach set up for 1-2 people. Mosquito nets and bedding are provided.

Who is the trip for?

No sailing experience necessary. We encourage a wide mix of people, from old-time adventurers to short-break professionals to first-time travelers – they all contribute to a memorable experience. There is no upper age limit – all you need is an adventurous spirit and ability to swim. Unfortunately, this trip is not suitable for travelers under 14.

Why is the sailboat so special?

This vessel is truly unique. Adorned with tribal carvings, it is a revival of an almost forgotten Filipino maritime culture. The design consists of two outriggers with no deep keel and dates back more than 1,000 years. 

Our boat captain, Gener, whose father and grandfather were both sailors, is the originator of the Paraw project aimed at reviving ancient sailing practices. “A return to sailing makes sense – our marine environment is under threat and fuel prices are rising. Learning to sail again will help Palaweños escape dependence on gasoline and diesel while, at the same time, fostering a deeper understanding and respect for the sea.”

When do trips depart and arrive?

Departure is at 8:30 am at the El Nido or Coron port/pier. The trip concludes by 5:00 pm at the El Nido or Coron port/pier.

How do I get there?

We can help recommend flights from major travel hubs. Please note to arrive/depart in El Nido (ENI airport code) or Coron (USU airport code) most international flights transfer through either Manila (MNL) or Cebu City (CEB). You must be in your departure destination the evening before your trip departs, and always allow for extra time to account for unknown travel delays.

Health and safety update (coronavirus)

All tour operators, hotel rooms, transport providers and third party vendors adhere to strict COVID health precautions and safety measures.

All Matador Trips are in small groups and we work to limit exposure in all activities.

Traveler’s insurance is strongly recommended for all travelers. Ask for recommendations if you do not have a preferred provider.

US Travel advisories have the most up to date COVID information for any traveler.

This adventure is not for everyone

Before applying to take part in this experience, it’s important to understand that this is not a tour or a luxury travel experience. This is a trip to the most remote islands in Palawan.

If you cannot survive without Wi-Fi or social media, this is not for you.
If you will be miserable being woken up by crowing roosters, this is not for you.
If you are afraid of basic toilets, this is not for you.
If you are terrified of mosquitoes and jellyfish, this is not for you.
If you need to be connected to work, this is not for you.

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Island hopping through the Philippines

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Flexible booking, 100% refund guarantee

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