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Are houses on Airbnb really more affordable than hotels? This data set says no.

This small, retro-looking car is a modern hotel room on wheels

The most popular Halloween candy, a volcanic eruption in Japan, and more travel news this week

This gigantic resort shaped like the Moon is the next best thing to space travel

This Boston ghost tour pairs the paranormal with pizza

‘Squid Game’ is coming to New York and you could be a part of it

Waivers and doctors notes, can you handle America’s scariest haunted houses?

Saudi Arabia is really trying to lure tourists. This time with a new ‘extreme’ park.

94 percent of people in China live east of this line

There are almost 500,000 monuments in the US, and at least 22 are mermaids

Watch: Freakish and rare water tornado in Cuba astounds people


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