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Behold this Japanese aquarium’s complex flowchart of penguin relationships

NYC is painting a giant Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower

This stunning floating starfish-shaped sea pool is coming to Norway

The UK is getting a socially distanced music festival this summer

Australia offers thousands of Hong Kong visa-holders a path to permanent residency

This new 1,300-mile bike route passes through some of the US’ most scenic landscapes

Massive floating balloons are now delivering internet service to rural Kenya

Spain’s new ‘Lord of the Rings’-inspired hiking trail is the epic alternative to El Camino

Thai cabinet passes landmark bill allowing same-sex unions

San Francisco tech CEO goes on disgraceful racist rant in restaurant

An outdoor floating movie theater is opening in Paris this month


Open travelstoke anywhere in the world and discover cool people and spots

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If traveling is a privilege, then traveling fearlessly is a freedom reserved for few.

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