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A few years ago, Colombia launched a tourism campaign with the slogan “The only danger is never wanting to leave.

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” And kudos to them for leaning into their once-dangerous reputation and assuring potential visitors that the country was as safe as anywhere. Now that Colombia has embraced a new era, we can take the time to appreciate the stunning tropical beauty it offers, from the beaches near Cartagena to the mountains outside Bogota.

The cities might be the names people know in Colombia, but we’ll show you spots like the Rosario Islands, where at low tide you can literally wade from bar to bar on different islands’ shores. Or learn about all the passionate Colombian music festivals worth planning a trip around. Or why you should do the epic hike through the Cocora Valley in reverse. Lush, warm, and utterly welcoming, Colombia really will tempt you to stay forever. Unfortunately, we haven’t figured out how to convince you not to.


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