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Chile is roughly as long as the United States is wide, to give you some perspective — sort of like if, around Colorado, the United States broke off into a bunch of untouched, mountainous islands full of thriving wildlife and remote villages.

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Chile might be best known for Patagonia, where glamping resorts and the rigorous W trek share space with penguins, arctic foxes, and some of the most intrepid travelers in the world. But Patagonia’s not the only stunning nature in Chile, and we’ll show you spots like the Lake District if you want to find a less-traveled alternative.

Up north, you can get lost in the Atacama desert (figuratively, don’t really try that) or head to the coast for some of the best beaches the world hasn’t heard about. Then, of course, there's Santiago, an international city rich in culture, where you can visit bohemian neighborhoods or hike to the top of Cerro San Cristobal.

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui — aka the place with the giant moai heads — is technically part of Chile too, and even though it’s way out in the Pacific Ocean, we’ve got plenty of insider info for you there as well. Chile is an exceptionally diverse country, but with enough planning you can almost see it all.

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