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Visiting Tunisia is safe, at the moment, though it’s had its issues over the past decade.

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But as it stands, it may be the best place to dip your toes into the Arab world, a mix of French, Middle Eastern, and even German cultures easily accessible to most Americans.

The capital city of Tunis is full of mosaics, mosques, and medinas, where you can spend the morning scurrying through the markets and your afternoon in the air conditioning of Bardo National Museum. Tunisia is also a popular beach destination for Europeans but lags far behind Israel, Dubai, and the Balearic Islands. That means you’ll enjoy the beaches of Sousse without massive crowds, but you'll still be able to marvel at the deep blue water of the Mediterranean. It’s also surprisingly cheap to visit and overwhelmingly welcome to Americans.

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Following Tunisia will allow us to provide you customized content based on your interests
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