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This Southwest Airlines Passenger Has a Hilarious Way To Keep the Seats Next To Him Open

Well that's one way to do it.

11 of the Deadliest Concert Disasters in Recent History

Astroworld isn't the first time tragedy has struck.

Seriously Slow: 6 Travelers Who Walked Around the World

Traveling around the world is one thing; walking around it is a completely other story. Here are six people who, in one way or another, took the slow route.

A Flight Attendant Shared Ridiculous Passenger Requests and It's Hard To Believe These Are Real

You'd be surprised how far people go.

Tourists Are Falling for This Scam All Over Florence, Italy

Watch where you're walking!

A Former Flight Attendant Explains the One Seat She'll Never Book (It's Not the Middle)

Window-seat enthusiasts might be making a huge mistake.

What It's Like To Sail on the First Adult-Only Cruise Line in the US

This isn’t your grandparent’s cruise.

A Hotel Worker Explains the Dirtiest Part of a Hotel Room You Should Never Use

Be careful where you sit.


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A Leave No Trace Guide to Traveling the Bradenton Area

Real. Authentic. Florida. Here on the largest gulf in the world, it’s all about loving it like a local. As a traveler, this means following the Leave No Trace Principles, starting with Plan Ahead and Prepare. Join Ed Chiles and other #BradentonArea community leaders on a visit through Manatee County’s thriving sustainability initiatives and learn how you as a traveler can make a difference. #LeaveNoTrace


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Beame dich mit einem Tee durch Großbritannien

Komm mit und erlebe Großbritannien einmal anders. #LoveGreatBritain





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