No ski town in America is at once as cosmopolitan and mountain chic as Aspen. This hub of 7,300 is the beating heart of Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley, blending end-of-the-highway seclusion with world-class culture, nightlife, and dining. It’s bougie but so damn cool, with the chops to attract both movie stars and famous mountaineers to the same party - somehow unironically, and always with an extra splash of Veuve Clicquot.

Beyond city limits, towering 14,000-foot peaks and rugged mountain passes lure alpine adventurers from across the globe in all seasons, and the town’s four - yes, four - ski resorts are as well-known for eco-friendly innovation as they are for unparalleled in-bounds and hike-to terrain. At first glance, Aspen is pricey and intimidating, but by chasing peaks and endless powder turns and hanging where the locals hang, a trip here can be done affordably. No matter the season, come with your best outdoor gear and your finest evening attire - because this town is all about the full experience.