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Trekking with mountain gorillas became the major draw in Uganda after it emerged from sever instability in the 2000s.

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Now it's one of the safest nations in Africa, welcoming thousands of visitors each year to Impenetrable Forest National Park to see some of the 900 or so remaining mountain gorillas. You’ll definitely want to bring a guide, but we’ve got all the other info you need to plan a gorilla-trekking trip as well.

Gorillas aren’t the only things to see in Uganda, and you’ll see plenty of other wildlife on safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park. You can also hike through the lush jungle to Bujagali Falls — or just enjoy the streets of the bustling capital city of Kampala.

Uganda is also home to some...unusual food, which includes edible rats. If suppering on Splinter is not for you, we’ll introduce you to some other local foods, like rolex and mashed banana dishes, so you’ll know what to order when you go.

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Following Uganda will allow us to provide you customized content based on your interests
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