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As the second-most populous country in the world, India is never lacking for things to do, both due to its majestic scenery and diversity of people.

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Northern India brings us the Himalayas — the most dramatic mountains in the world — but it’s far from the only place to find outdoor adventure in India, as lesser-known spots like Himachal Pradesh have plenty of daunting peaks and winding trails to explore as well.

The country is immense, and figuring out where to go can be overwhelming. We can help you figure out where to go based on the type of traveler you are, whether that’s the busy streets of Mumbai or the Keralan backwaters. You’ll find temples, mosques, and other stunning religious buildings throughout the country, as well as live tigers roaming the wilds.

And that’s not even in the cities. We’ve got comprehensive travel guides to Mumbai, Delhi, and New Delhi (yes, they’re different places) so you can navigate their sometimes-frenetic streetscapes. Matador Network has dozens upon dozens of stories to help you plan a trip to India, so read on and get inspired.


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