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With over 430 different languages spoken by hundreds of distinct ethnic groups, India is home to some of the most geographic and socio-linguistic variety on earth. From Himalayan peaks to Keralan backwaters, Sikh temples and Mughal mosques, India could keep a traveler fascinated for decades. In India you can attend one of the biggest literature festivals in the world at Jaipur, raft the Ganges, chat with Buddhist monks and Hindu sadhus, stay in a monastery or swim in one of the world's sexiest rooftop pools.

Check out Matador's tips on how not to get sick while traveling in India, photo essays on different locales and cultural groups, notes about an American diner in Delhi for the homesick, a collection of short non-fiction narrative by writer Robert Hirschfield, and an armchair traveler's guide to six essential reads on India.


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