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The great American wilderness traditions of tubing and rock-climbing are even cooler in Laos, where tubing the river in Vang Vieng got so popular amongst backpackers the government had to enforce strict regulations.

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That said, with enough planning you can now enjoy it with considerably fewer crowds, with an inner tube, kayak, and plenty of beers. Climbing is also big in Laos, as the tempting faces along the river in Vang Vieng draw climbers from across the globe.

There’s also plenty of culture and history to be found in Laos, like the temples in Luang Prabang and in the capital city of Vientiane. We’ll also show you some of the coolest caves in Laos to explore, like the caves at Pak Ou, filled with thousands of tiny buddha sculptures. The country is also filled with stunning jungle scenery, like Kuang Si Falls. There’s a lot to explore — let’s get you prepped for your visit.

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