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The continent of Asia is an exciting destination to explore for its diverse languages, cultures, and landscapes.

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In fact, many travelers who limit their visit to only one country come away with an intense desire for more.

Some of Asia’s well-known sights include the majestic spires of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Taj Mahal in India, Moscow’s Red Square, and the Great Wall of China. But discovering Asia is not just about gazing at big attractions. There are endless local and intimate experiences to be had like camping on a beach in Thailand, learning to belly dance in Turkey, or riding a motorbike through villages in Vietnam.

The Matador community of writers and wanderers offers articles about Asia for short and long term travelers, teachers, and students of language. Search our archives for tips on climbing Mount Fuji, not embarrassing yourself at a bathhouse in Syria, and drinking alcohol in Pakistan, among countless other recommendations and stories.

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