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How Mango Sticky Rice, One of Thailand's Most Popular Street Foods, Is Made

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by Matador Creators Jun 26, 2023

Thailand, with its mouth-watering cuisine, has become a sought-after destination for food lovers across the globe. One of the country’s most beloved street food dishes is mango sticky rice, a delectable dessert that perfectly marries sweet, juicy mangoes with creamy, glutinous rice. With each bite, you’ll discover why this simple yet scrumptious treat has captured the hearts of both locals and tourists alike.

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How mango sticky rice is made

At first glance, mango sticky rice may seem like a straightforward dish, but its beauty lies in its simplicity. Made from just a few key ingredients—ripe mangoes, glutinous rice, coconut milk, and sugar—this dessert manages to create a symphony of flavors and textures. The sweetness of the mangoes is balanced by the rich, creamy coconut milk-infused sticky rice, while the contrast between the fruit’s softness and the rice’s slightly chewy texture adds another layer of enjoyment to each bite.

The process of making mango sticky rice begins with selecting the perfect mangoes. In Thailand, the Nam Dok Mai variety is often favored for its sweetness, fragrance, and smooth texture. The glutinous rice, also known as sticky or sweet rice, is soaked and then steamed, traditionally in a bamboo steamer over boiling water. The key to achieving the desired texture lies in the preparation of the coconut milk sauce, which is simmered with sugar and a pinch of salt before being poured over the cooked rice. The dish is typically served with additional coconut sauce drizzled on top and a sprinkling of toasted mung beans or sesame seeds for added crunch.

Where to get it

Mango sticky rice can be found throughout Thailand, from bustling city streets to serene beachside resorts. Bangkok’s lively street food scene offers countless opportunities to sample this delicious dessert, with vendors often preparing it fresh right before your eyes. In addition to street food stalls, mango sticky rice can also be found at local markets, food courts, and even upscale restaurants, where it may be presented with a creative twist or unique presentation.

While mango sticky rice is available year-round in Thailand, the best time to enjoy it is during the mango season, which typically runs from April to June. During these months, mangoes are at their sweetest and juiciest, making the dish even more irresistible. This period also coincides with the Thai New Year, Songkran, when locals indulge in an abundance of delectable Thai dishes, including mango sticky rice, as part of their festive celebrations.

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