Often known only as the setting for the conflict that plagued the city throughout the late-20th century, Belfast is still struggling to fully shed the reputation of its darker past in the eyes of tourists. But in reality, Belfast has long since rebounded from “The Troubles,” evolving into a young, vibrant, and laid-back city that’s become one of the most exciting destinations not just in the United Kingdom, but all of Europe. While there’s plenty to do for the curious “Troubles Tourist,” this is just one of Belfast’s many facets; the capital of Northern Ireland has become modern and affluent with the advent of tech startups, and a trendy food and nightlife scene has followed in its wake. Belfast is also now home to some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, including the massive Titanic Belfast, and filming locations HBO’s Game of Thrones. Whether you’re looking for hip local haunts, gritty historic tours, a selfie in front of Winterfell, or traditional Irish craic, Belfast will continue to surprise and deliver.