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12 Common Hand Gestures in the US That Will Insult People in Other Countries

Crossing your fingers won't bring you good luck in Vietnam.

The Best Museums in Chicago for Every Type of Traveler

Chicago is home to more than 60 museums.

8 Countries Where the New Year Won’t Be 2024

In some places the year is in the single digits.

Does Duolingo Actually Work? I Went to Belgium After a 90-Day Lesson Streak to Find Out

Duolingo is not magic, but it sure helps.

3 Mysteries Archaeologists Still Haven’t Figured Out About Ancient Egypt’s Pyramids

Egyptologists are stumped and so are we.

The 10 Major American Accents That You'll Hear Across the United States

The way you speak and the words you use are markers of your identity.

All the Flags of the Caribbean and the Meaning Behind Their Designs

One of them is the only flag in the world with a representation of the Bible on it.

The 13 Scariest Haunted Houses and Attractions You Can Go This Year

These houses are not for the faint of heart.


Featured Film

Makepung: The Story of a Balinese Buffalo Racer

In Jembrana, west Bali, the tradition of buffalo racing known as Makepung is a sporting contest unlike any other. For jockeys, it’s more than a race, it's a way to connect with one’s ancestors, gain respect from the community, and to pass on culture to the next generation. A film by @markorandelovic.


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The Art of San Diego’s Chicano Culture

Uncover the many ethnically diverse, historically rich, culturally abundant, and naturally breathtaking sides of San Diego.


Artful San Diego: 10 of San Diego's Most Inspiring Art and Culture Spots

Join three visiting artists on this expressive tour around some of San Diego's most cherished and iconic spots.


What’s Good Seattle? Phil discovers the city’s culture

Some may know Seattle for its weather or coffee, but did you know that the city has roots in music and pop culture?



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