China, much like the United States, is a country so large in both land and population that you won’t see it all in just one trip. There’s the Great Wall of China. And the Forbidden City of Beijing. And Hong Kong. And thousands of other places you’re not even aware of — yet. To help you figure out which parts of China you want to tackle first, we’ve compiled comprehensive travel guides to Shanghai and Beijing, so you can learn about all the best bars, restaurants, and things to do to inform your decision.

Of course, the crowds in China’s cities can be chaotic, so we’ll show you some less-populated parts of the country too, like the best places to hike and where to go skiing. You’ll learn the Portuguese cultural history of Macau and what to see in Xi’an — besides the terracotta army. And if you want to see if learning Mandarin is worth doing before you go, we’ll show you it’s not as hard as you think. Food is another huge part of going to China, and whether you’re going to Shanghai, Beijing, or trying Nexi cuisine, Matador will show you the best foods to try as well. Let’s dive in.