Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires

Photo: Gustavo Minas


Each traveler carries back his or her own images of Buenos Aires. For some it might be the classics: tango in Plaza Dorrego, copious Malbec and asado, wide avenues, and Parisian architecture.

For others it might be the changes in feel between barrios, the daily conversations with fruit and vegetable venders, the Madres of Plaza del Mayo walking in front of the Casa Rosada, the roads blocked by picketers. It could be anything, a moment. A roar during a match in the Bonbonera, the wind – the “good air” coming off the Rio de la Plata.

We’ve written Buenos Aires study abroad and nightlife guides, Buenos Aires narratives and street art exposés; we’ve produced photo galleries and profiles on culture and music and on so many little pockets of Buenos Aires. As you’ll see below, and as almost everyone sees when they’re there: Buenos Aires is a place you just want to keep getting to know better.

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