Often overlooked in favor of its big-city neighbor to the south, Milwaukee is stepping into the spotlight, ready to welcome visitors with its Midwest charm, unparalleled brewery experiences, and the electric energy of a city that has finally arrived on the international tourism scene. The ever-growing list of things to do in Milwaukee has primed this historically humble city to show the world that its blue-collar vibe highlights a slice of American culture visitors won’t find elsewhere. A city where over 30 breweries coexist with six Fortune 500 companies’ international headquarters and a world-class art museum sits just two miles from a museum dedicated to the history of motorcycles, Milwaukee is a city that embraces its contrasts. Whether you’re looking to tick off UNESCO-listed Frank Lloyd Wright sites from your bucket list, experience the world’s largest music festival, or just want to indulge in the best food and drink the Midwest has to offer, our travel guide to the city of Milwaukee promises to deliver.