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16 Taos Airbnbs Perfect for a Southwestern Mountain Getaway

Adobe Airbnbs are even more beautiful in the mountains.


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Llama adventures in Taos, New Mexico

In the folds of the Southern Rockies, just east of Taos, Wild Earth Llama Adventures has rescued 30 llamas from all over the Southwest, giving them jobs (which they like), homes, and lots of love. These gentle, sweet, and kid-friendly pack animals make the best hiking buddies.

Wild Earth specializes in leading multi-day treks and “Take a Llama to Lunch” day hikes through New Mexico’s pristine (and seldom seen) wilderness. Heavily scented pine trees, beaver dams, abandoned gold mines carved deep into the mountain...this adventure should be on your bucket list.


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Epic Stays

5 Beautiful Ski Hotels in Taos for an Unforgettable Mountain Getaway

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