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Desert treks in Namibia may be one of the most surreal travel experiences you can have, where the red dunes and clear blue sky contrast marvelously with sparse foliage dotting the landscape.

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It is truly one of the great outdoor destinations in the world, and a big reason why we picked it as one of the 25 places you need to travel in 2020. Etosha National Park is home to the best desert safaris on the planet, and we’ll give you everything you need to know before heading out there.

In the pages that follow, you’ll also get an inside look at the people of Namibia and learn why you should take the time to explore the local culture — in addition to the marvelous nature. We’ll teach you how to sandboard as well as how to responsibly visit Sossusvlei, the Namibian scene you’ll most likely recognize from Instagram. And we’ll even introduce you to the most epic waves in the world in Skeleton Bay.

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