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Frank Sinatra once famously crooned, “They’ve got a lot of coffee in Brazil,” and while Old Blue Eyes definitely wasn’t wrong, he barely scratched the surface of what the fifth-largest country in the world has to offer.

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Rio de Janeiro got its close-up to the world when it hosted the Olympics in 2016, and Rio’s beaches and legendary nightlife make for a blissfully hedonistic vacation. But don’t sleep on Sao Paulo either — we can show you how to find the best restaurants, bars, and day trips there too.

Brazil is also famous for its rainforest, the most biologically diverse place on the planet. We’ll take you inside Novo Airao and other little-known Amazonian jumping-off points. We’ll also give you tips on the best places to spot wildlife and even lead you to hidden swimming holes, where locals will be amazed at how you ever found what you were looking for.

Brazil also has a food scene reflective of the international diversity in the country, and you can learn all about its thriving Japanese community here too. Come along and explore Brazil, and see why coffee and caipirinhas are only the beginning.


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