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The Top 9 Street Food Dishes of São Paulo and Where to Find Them

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by Gaía Passarelli Feb 18, 2016

1. Hamburger at Lanchonete do Seu Oswaldo.

Go for the x-salada, with bread, meat, lettuce and fresh tomato sauce. It’s simple, cheap, and delicious.

2. Pastel da Maria

A pastel (squares of deep-fried dough filled with minced meat, or cheese, or palm hearts, or whatever) is a tradition of the urban open-air daily markets called feiras livres. My personal favorite is Pastel da Maria. Try the minced meat and egg version.

3. Pork sandwich at Estadão

The sanduíche de pernil at Estadão (open every night, all night) are made with fresh white bread and filled with portions of succulent, roasted pig meat. Perfect with a last bottle of beer before going home.

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4. Ceviche at Suri

Suri, in the Pinheiros area, serves ceviche in small paper cups to eat on the street on weekends. Try the creative versions with ginger, mango, and Brazilian fish.

5. Bureka at Casa Búlgara

The soft, round pastries known as burekas are from Bulgaria, and the original Casa Búlgara in São Paulo serves them at this small Bom Retiro shop. Try the cheese variety, and be sure to order some apple juice too.

6. Churros at Casa do Churro

Found on cheap stalls on the streets of São Paulo, churros are pieces of deep fried dough filled with creamy doce de leite. At Casa do Churros you’ll find those, but also the traditional Spanish churros, circular and larger. Choose the São Paulo or Spanish varieties, but avoid the salty inventions.

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7. Empanadas and salteñas at Feira Kantuta

The Bolivian empanadas variety, salteñas, are small and creamy enough to eat with a spoon. Find on one of the many stalls of Feira Kantuta, a Bolivian open-air market happening every Sunday in the Pari neighborhood.

8. Bolinhos at Bar do Luiz Fernandes

Bar do Luiz serves cold bottled beer and a variety of delicious bolinhos — fried snacks with different fillings, some, winners of annual competitions.

9. Hot dog at Pedrinho Hot Dog

The hot dogs you will find at Pedrinho are served inside fresh, warm, crispy white bread. Avoid lunch hour, as the place is very small and can get crowded.

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