The metro of Dallas-Fort Worth is somewhat of anomaly. Unlike most major American cities, it isn’t located on or near an ocean, major river, or lake, yet it’s still grown year after year to become the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the US. What was once knocked as a “transplant” city has found an edge that is truly its own. Situated in the northeast corner of America’s Southwest, DFW is equal parts Texas, Southeast, Midwest, and big city living — meaning you’ll feel at home wherever you’re from. Another factor adding to the rare beauty of DFW: It’s comprised of two united, yet unique, cities.

In Fort Worth you can enjoy a laid-back vibe that’s historically rooted in cowboys and cattle that large and modern cities often lack. Dallas, on the other hand, is a big, trendy city with plenty of buzzing neighborhoods offering luxury shopping, restaurants, and bars. DFW is a diverse and rapidly changing area. However, one old saying still holds true. Everything really is bigger in Texas, and your visit should be bigger than life too.