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The 15 Best Street Art Murals in Dallas

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by Celine Lingelser Oct 28, 2016

DALLAS is filled with incredible street art. The awesome murals found in the Deep Ellum neighborhood, an area transformed into a huge street art gallery thanks to the 42 Murals project, are especially impressive.

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1. Think Ellum Mural

 Think Ellum Mural, Deep EllumDallas, United StatesI love this particular mural in Deep Ellum because it represents the neighborhood really well: a place where people think differently than in the rest of town, have awesome ideas and use their creativity! Think outside the box, think Ellum! #murals #art

2. Dallas Mural, Sylvan Avenue

 Dallas Mural, Sylvan Ave.Dallas, United StatesThis is a hidden gem of the city. Not easy to find! The first time I saw it was actually by accident, just driving by with a friend on our way to Bishop Arts District. You will have to park somewhere along Sylvan Avenue and cross the road to snap a few pictures of this mural by Sour Grapes, a group of artists based in Oak Cliff. #art #murals

3. Deep Ellum Mural

 Deep Ellum Mural, Deep EllumDallas, United States“Deep Ellum” Mural – the perfect spot for your Instagram picture, souvenir of your memorable trip in Deep Ellum. Deep Ellum is THE place to go if you like street art. The project “42 Murals” transformed this area of town into the most instagrammable neighborhood of Dallas! #murals #streetart

4. Off Site Kitchen Mural, Trinity Groves

 Off Site Kitchen Mural, Trinity GrovesDallas, United States“Off Site Kitchen” is a sandwich and burger restaurant with a beautiful front wall converted into a huge mural. Great to check out if you are in the Trinity Groves area! #murals #art

5. Deep Elm Mural

 Deep Elm Mural, Deep EllumDallas, United StatesOne of the most stunning murals in Deep Ellum, not to be missed! I love the skyline with Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in the background. #murals #art

6. Rise Above Mural, Trinity Groves

 Rise Above Mural, Trinity GrovesDallas, United StatesAn inspiring mural in Trinity Groves, right next to “Off Site Kitchen” murals on Singleton Blvd. Check the gas station near by, they have a pretty mural there too! #murals #art

7. Deep Texas Mural

 Deep Texas Mural, Deep EllumDallas, United StatesBest spot in town to get a picture showing your pride to be Texan… or a great souvenir from your trip in Texas! Located in Deep Ellum, this mural is part of the “42 Murals” project. #murals #art

8. Poplove Mural, Bishop Arts District

 Poplove Mural, Bishop Arts DistrictDallas, United StatesThis awesome mural decorates the wall of “Zoomos Pop-Up Shop”, at the corner of Davis St and Madison Ave in Bishop Arts District. Take your special someone there and ask someone to take a picture of you on these stairs… cutest shot ever! Then you can head for brunch at “Old Fellows” #murals #art

9. Apple Mural

 Apple Mural, Deep EllumDallas, United StatesOne of the landmarks in Deep Ellum. This mural is part of the “42 Murals” project launched by developer Scott Rohrman, that totally transformed the face of the neighborhood. #murals #art

10. I love Tacos Mural, Uptown

 I Love Tacos Mural, UptownDallas, United StatesThis parody of Austin’s famous “I love you so much” mural can be found on the wall of the Mexican restaurant Urban Taco. Check it out on your next stroll in Uptown Dallas! #murals #art

11. Art Mural

 Art Mural, Deep EllumDallas, United StatesArt lovers, this will be your favorite mural in Deep Ellum! Have fun finding all artists and references hidden in the painting… this may make you feel like paying a visit to an art museum. Well, the DMA is only a short drive away, waiting for you! #murals #art

12. Dallas We Love You Mural, WF Market

 Dallas We Love You Mural, WF marketDallas, United StatesOk, so this one is not exactly a mural that fits in the “street art” category, since it is actually in the dining area of the Whole Foods market on Preston Rd & Forest Ln… But it’s worth knowing that it is there, because, come on: We all love Dallas! #food #dining

13. Vinyl Thoughts Mural

 Vinyl Thoughts Mural, Deep EllumDallas, United StatesThis huge painted wall is not part of the “42 Murals” project, but totally deserves a stop! It will take you a while to look at all the details, and to choose which part looks best on your pictures and selfies… #murals #art

14. Frida Mural

 Frida Mural, Deep EllumDallas, United StatesFans of Frida Kahlo, you need to see this interpretation of the artist by Mike Flores. It is intense and original. The picture was worth lying down on a dirty parking lot’s concrete to get the best angle… Mural-photo-safari in Deep Ellum is such a blast! #murals #art

15. Deep Rawlings Mural

 Deep Rawlings Mural, Deep EllumDallas, United StatesDon’t miss a visit to this weird annoyed man while on your murals hunt in Deep Ellum! The vibrant colors and original design will make great pictures opportunities. #murals #art

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