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Witness the stunning beauty of thousands of nesting sea turtles on Oaxaca’s Escobilla Beach

Bear 747 takes the crown in Alaska’s Fat Bear Week

Uganda is reopening to tourists, as long as they stay 32 feet away from the gorillas

The world’s 7 big cats and where to see them in the wild

Tasmanian devils are back in mainland Australia for the first time in 3,000 years

Indigenous fishing rights in the Pacific Northwest are being threatened

Parrots in British wildlife park put in quarantine for swearing at visitors

Infernos in South America’s Pantanal region have been twice as devastating as the California fires

30 retired circus elephants are getting a new home in a Florida wildlife refuge

Koalas may be placed on the endangered species list thanks to severe population decline

Magawa, the landmine-detecting rat, has received a gold medal for his bravery

The mysterious deaths of hundreds of elephant in Botswana finally cracked

Tourists flock to southern Colorado in the fall to see tarantulas on the move

Almost 400 whales have died in Tasmania after largest stranding in Australia’s history

The world missed its 2020 biodiversity targets, UN report shows

Rare pink dolphin numbers are up in Hong Kong since COVID-19 shut down ferries

The finalists for the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards will put a big smile on your face

Ugandan gorillas are experiencing a baby boom this year

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