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15 Galapagos tortoises finally return home after saving their entire species

Koalas will go extinct by 2050 in New South Wales, Australia, inquiry finds

Florida manatee deaths rise by 20 percent during pandemic

Mouse species suspected extinct after wildfires is found alive in Australia

For local-owned African safaris, community and conservation come first

China boosts protection of pangolins by removing scales from medicine list

Poachers kill six elephants in a single day in Ethiopia

In England, puffins are finding new nesting grounds in the absence of tourists

‘Tiger King’ star Carole Baskin is the new owner of Joe Exotic’s zoo

New Trump administration rules allow Alaska hunters to kill bear cubs in their own dens

Retrace Jane Goodall’s steps through Gombe Stream National Park, chimpanzees and all

8 animals that take hallucinogenic drugs and enjoy it

Thailand may close its national parks for two months each year to benefit wildlife

Video shows Italian boy’s incredibly close encounter with a brown bear

Rare white-coated grizzly bear spotted in the Canadian Rockies

Bison attacks woman who got too close at reopened Yellowstone National Park

In Africa, trained dogs are saving endangered rhinos from poachers

17-year cicadas all set to buzz around North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia

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