The only country to share a name with an American state, the Republic of Georgia — in the Caucasus — is one of the most beautiful Eurasian destinations few people have been to. The capital city of Tbilisi has long been a backpacker’s dream, where great food and cheap accommodations have drawn intrepid travelers for years. We’ve got a comprehensive travel guide to Tbilisi, where you’ll learn all the best places to eat, drink, and explore the city.

We’ll also tell you about Stalin’s secret printing house in the city, as well as the one drink you need to have before leaving Georgia. Wanna learn about Georgian food? We’ll tell you why this is a must-hit destination for foodies. We’ll also give you all the info you need to visit the mysterious Katskhi Pillar in Western Georgia, where a church, a crypt, and hermit cells sit atop a 130-foot limestone monolith.