1. Georgians don’t say “fuck off”… they say “shit off.” (გააჯვი)

2. Georgians are not “undecided”… they have “seven Fridays in a day.” (შვიდი პარასკევი გაქვს დღეში)

3. Georgians don’t say “no pain, no gain”… they say “who has ever plucked the rose without spikes.” (ვარდი უეკლოდ ვის მოუკრიფავს)

4. Georgians don’t “take a nap”… they “lie to their eyes.” (თვალის მოტყუება)

5. Georgians don’t say “fuck it”… they say “to hang it [on your balls].” (დაიკიდე)

6. Georgians are not “sad”… they “have their ears dropped.” (ყურები ჩამოყარა)

7. Georgians don’t say “I’m having a bad day”… they say “I woke up on a left leg.” (მარცხენა ფეხზე ავდექი)

8. Georgians don’t say “I saw something beautiful”… they say “my eyes drank water.” (თვალს წყალი დაალევინა)

9. Georgians are not “stubborn”… they “sit on a donkey.” (ვირზე შეჯდომა)

10. Georgians don’t “stutter”… they have their “tongues tied up.” (ენა დამება)

11. Georgians don’t say “there’s a traffic jam”… they say “there’s a cork.” (საცობი)

12. Georgians don’t say “you are crazy”… they say “you let your sails up.” (აფრები აუშვა)

13. Georgians don’t say “that’s a fake tear”… they say “that’s the tear of a crocodile.” (ნიანგის ცრემლები)

14. Georgians don’t say “you are lucky”… they say “you were born on a happy star.” (ბედნიერ ვარსკვლავზე ხარ დაბადებული)

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