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The 14 Funniest Georgian Expressions (and How to Use Them)

Georgia Languages
by Baia Dzagnidze Nov 27, 2017

1. Georgians don’t say “fuck off”… they say “shit off.” (გააჯვი)

2. Georgians are not “undecided”… they have “seven Fridays in a day.” (შვიდი პარასკევი გაქვს დღეში)

3. Georgians don’t say “no pain, no gain”… they say “who has ever plucked the rose without spikes.” (ვარდი უეკლოდ ვის მოუკრიფავს)

4. Georgians don’t “take a nap”… they “lie to their eyes.” (თვალის მოტყუება)

5. Georgians don’t say “fuck it”… they say “to hang it [on your balls].” (დაიკიდე)

6. Georgians are not “sad”… they “have their ears dropped.” (ყურები ჩამოყარა)

7. Georgians don’t say “I’m having a bad day”… they say “I woke up on a left leg.” (მარცხენა ფეხზე ავდექი)

8. Georgians don’t say “I saw something beautiful”… they say “my eyes drank water.” (თვალს წყალი დაალევინა)

9. Georgians are not “stubborn”… they “sit on a donkey.” (ვირზე შეჯდომა)

10. Georgians don’t “stutter”… they have their “tongues tied up.” (ენა დამება)

11. Georgians don’t say “there’s a traffic jam”… they say “there’s a cork.” (საცობი)

12. Georgians don’t say “you are crazy”… they say “you let your sails up.” (აფრები აუშვა)

13. Georgians don’t say “that’s a fake tear”… they say “that’s the tear of a crocodile.” (ნიანგის ცრემლები)

14. Georgians don’t say “you are lucky”… they say “you were born on a happy star.” (ბედნიერ ვარსკვლავზე ხარ დაბადებული)

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