YOU CAN’T AFFORD to live in Los Angeles, neither can anyone else really. Live the Hollywood or Malibu life vicariously through the vast sea of Airbnb rentals available at your fingertips. Pretend that you’re a celebrity for a day — go ahead, you can literally rent Charlie Chaplin or Harry Houdini’s old haunts, so have at it!

Silver Lake

Silver Lake is the land of the hipsters, where dudes in man buns and Intelligentsia coffee purists roam freely as they munch on meals crafted from the most local of ingredients. The Silver Lake ethos is represented in its Airbnb listings, featuring plenty of shabby chic cottages with vintage furnishings.

1. $125 a night

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Just a short walk away from the super hip Sunset Junction, this adorable little guest house puts you right in the heart of Silver Lake. Perfect for a couples’ getaway, it has a spacious backyard and patio. Silver Lakers are obsessed with their four legged friends so and you can feel free to bring Rover.

2. $115 a night

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Who knew that you could experience the tiny home trend right here amongst the expensive real estate of Los Angeles. Of course, this tiny home would be located in the neighborhood of the oh so trendy Silver Lake. This little cabin even has its own hashtag #atjamesandmoritzs. Check it out to see the hippie fantasy filtered lifestyle represented in its Instagram feed.

3. $275 a night

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This two bedroom home has been styled to perfection. It’s shabby chic exterior belies its modern, World Market styled interior. This is a great rental for a party of four or a family, with a big open kitchen, large garden and patio. It’s in walking distance of some of Silver Lake’s best: Trois Familia, The Thirsty Crow and more.

4. $290 a night

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Featuring some of the most gorgeous views from Silver Lake, this 90-year-old property is also known as the Lucile House. It’s just a hop skip and jump away from Silver Lake’s most popular restaurants and eateries. The highlight of this property is the outdoor area, located in the heart of LA but somehow reminiscent of a Chiang Mai tropical jungle paradise. Zen doesn’t begin to describe it.


You either love or hate DTLA. You’ll pay exorbitant prices for a posh condo or apartment and have to deal with navigating skid row right next door. It’s an ideal destination for tourists who want to bar and restaurant hop. The rentals here offer lots of skyrise condos with great city views.

5. $300 a night

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$300 a night is pretty damn pricey for an Airstream rental but consider that this one has premium city views. Decorated with copious amounts of kitsch and just the right amount of humor, it’s perfect for an Instagram worthy vacay that looks different from all the rest.

6. $350 a night

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You had me at the furry swingset hanging from the ceiling in the living room. This industrial style loft boasts painstakingly styled interior design and features tons of gorgeous, natural light. It’s also a popular photo shoot location for obvious reasons, it looks like a page out of a Millennial girl’s fantasy mood board.

7. $75 a night

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This little house sits just outside of DTLA and is a steal at just $75 night. This is bargain bungalow features touches of luxury amenities: chocolates on your pillow, high end bed sheets from Matteo and furniture from the fancy Restoration Hardware and West Elm.


Filled with wannabe actors (aka waiters), Hollywood is a city of dreamers and eclectic personalities. There is definitely a pretty extreme mix of high and low areas in the city, here are some of the posher listings available.

8. $225 a night

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This place is listed as “Celebrity” owned, sooooo Hollywood. Tell us who owns this place!?? If I were to take a guess it would be some emerging actor from some CW show. Does that count as a celebrity? Oh well. This hideaway is ensconced in the famous Hollywood Hills. You’ll also be treated to hillside views of some of the most prime property in LA.

9. $396 per night

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This wood-toned, Moroccan styled Hollywood home is located within walking distance of some of Hollywood’s most popular tourist destinations. The owner lists ‘Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Musso & Franks Grill, Universal Studios, Universal Amphitheater, & Pantages Theatre’ as the main highlights. You can easily check off your Hollywood tourist to-do list while staying here.

10. $1000 a night

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This historic 5-acre estate was formerly owned by the magical trickster Harry Houdini. You’ll have ample time to explore the grounds, which feature hidden tunnels, a deep-water tank, caves and more. It’s a magician geek’s wet dream! The pool on the property is where Houdini practiced some of his most famous magic tricks. The original estate burned to the ground but was restored after 1959. Betcha this place is haunted too, double win.

11. $950 a night

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Located on a mansion-lined street overlooking Cahuenga Pass is this 4-bedroom home. It’s close enough to all the Hollywood city action yet quiet enough for you to practice your perfect Sirsasana pose in perfect tranquility. There’s even a sauna out back, get your steam on and zen out.

West Hollywood

Be prepared to be surrounded by beautiful people in West Hollywood, including a healthy mix of drag queens and Hollywood agents. The city is safe, clean, quite walkable and filled with tons of gay bars! Up on Sunset strip you can visit the most exclusive nightclubs in LA, check out live music, or visit a secret speakeasy.

12. $30 a night

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How is this place going for $30 a night? This spot is located in a desirable WEHO location in walking distance of the most annoyingly-packed Urth Caffe ever. The owner writes in his listing more than once that it has a “walk score of 94”. Not sure what that means but I’m assuming that its proximity to Urth Caffe earned it extra points.

13. $200 a night

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This little cottage cabin from the 1920s is listed in every LA Airbnb roundup and for good reason. It was built by Charlie Chaplin and lived in by Rudolph Valentino, Marilyn Monroe and more. Where else can you sleep for just $200 a night where past Hollywood royalty slept?

14. $650 a night

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This zen hideaway sits over Sunset Blvd in the neighborhood of Beverly Glen. Newly remodeled in the latest Buddha swank, it features wall to wall of glass windows which allow you to take in the perfectly manicured greenery. Bonus points for the heated swimming pool, although I’m not sure how much you need it in SoCal.


Malibu ranks amongst the most expensive cities to live in in the United States. Home to trust fund kids and movie stars, the residents here enjoy balmy days and translucent turquoise waters. So many beachfront properties mean that you can find plenty of reasonably priced Airbnb rentals that come with million dollar views.

15. $148 a night

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For the ultimate Malibu experience, you can’t get any closer to the ocean than this property. Pretend that you’re a millionaire for one night as you awaken to the rumble of crashing waves. A dining table is set up on the patio so that you don’t have to peel yourself over from the Pacific for even one second.

16. $450 a night

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This ultra-modern property is highly stylized and quite affordable — if you share the 3 bedrooms with 6-8 guests. It is located just steps away from tide pools in which you can encounter crab, hermit crab, fish, and sea anemone during your daily excursions. Many guests have also observed dolphins from the living room.


Venice Beach aka Silicon Beach has become a powerful tech hub as major players and startups continue to move into the area. Although the locals have been boycotting Snapchat, they spend the rest of their time drinking green juice and practicing yoga on the beach. If you’re just visiting, you can easily bike everywhere and it’s great for people watching: you’ll get a great mix of beautiful beach bums and displaced vagrants.

17. $375 a night

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Featuring furniture and decor from around the world, this rental is located in the Italy inspired Venice Canals. Just steps away from Abbot Kinney, you also have free use of the owner’s Beach Cruisers and Paddleboards. Soak in the beach-hipster Bohemian lifestyle while surrounded by furnishings from India, Morocco and Nicaragua and more.

18. $200 a night

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Stay in the coolest bachelor pad ever — this man cave features an open layout where the interior meets the exterior. In walking distance to the beach and Abbot Kinney, this spot also features a spa sized bathtub for all your romancing needs. The bedroom/living room opens with a mechanical door with backyard BBQ all set up and ready to go.