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Ask anybody for trip ideas in Australia, and you're likely to get a limited range of answers that includes a trip to the beach, petting a kangaroo, and taking a photo in front of the Sydney Opera House.

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But with a landmass twice the size of Europe and climates ranging from sweltering desert to tropical rainforests, there's much more to Australia than koalas and a souvenir didgeridoo.

Matador has compiled firsthand knowledge about volunteer opportunities in the country, favorite road-trip routes, and nightlife guides to Australia's metropolitan areas to help you learn more. But if you really want, definitely purchase that souvenir didgeridoo.

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Magic Spot: Australia's Gardners Falls

Magic Spot: Australia's Crystal Castle

Magic Spot: Australia's Bridgewater Bay

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Australia has changed its national anthem to include Indigenous people

Eastern Australia covered under huge amounts of snake-infested sea foam

A huge coral reef taller than the Empire State Building was found in Australia

Koalas may be placed on the endangered species list thanks to severe population decline

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Qantas’ seven-hour ‘flight to nowhere’ sold out in 10 minutes

100-million-year-old meteorite crater found in Western Australia

Australia will likely remain closed to international tourism until 2021

Perth is Australia’s most underrated city for art lovers

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Following Australia will allow us to provide you customized content based on your interests
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