This Instagrammer’s Amazing Shots of Queensland Will Make You Want to Travel Right Now

by Rulo Luna Ramos Mar 14, 2017

Whenever I think of Australia, the first things that come to mind — beside loads of kangaroos and the hypnotic music of the didgeridoo — are places like Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane and the whole state of Queensland never seem to get enough coverage by travel media. Let’s start considering Queensland as our next travel destination with the help of instagrammer Reuben Nutt, whose photos prove that Queensland is one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

1. A tropical island in Southeast Asia? No, this is Thala Beach Nature Reserve.

2. Sunsets don’t get much more colorful than this.

3. The wet season in Far North Queensland really brings the rainforest to life.

4. There’s no point in going all the way to Australia if you’re not going to get a portrait of one of these guys.

5. The night sky over Girraween National Park really knows how to show off.

6. When was the last time you enjoyed this kind of weather? People in Port Douglas are probably enjoying it right now.

7. The view from the top of Mount Maroon.

8. Brisbane looking all beautiful at night.

9. These cows under a starry night are perfect for a Port Douglas postcard.

Une publication partagée par Reuben Nutt (@reubennutt) le

10. You need any more inspiration to start exploring the outback?

11. North Stradbroke Island looks perfect for a summer vacation.

12. Once again, these night skies!

Une publication partagée par Reuben Nutt (@reubennutt) le

13. Brisbane’s architecture and urban planning make it an extremely photogenic city.

14. One more night shot! This time from the pier at Wellington Point.

15. Here’s some extra motivation to start planning your travel, in case you still needed it.

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