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Video Shows Tourists Almost Lose Kids To Huge Waves at The Eddie While Ignoring Lifeguard Pleas To Get Back

Two Sea Lions Took Back a Crowded San Diego Beach, Proving Who Really Owns the Sand

Watch: What a $6,000-Plus Trip To Maldives During Rainy Season Looks Like

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These Inside Photos Show Hawai'i’s Latest Volcanic Eruption Up Close

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The US Ranks Second in the World for Skinny Dipping


This Luxury Resort in Cabo Is Perfect for Travelers Who Love To Be the Life of the Party

Two New Tulum Hotels That Highlight the Best of Luxurious Resort Life

Explore the Best of Fort Myers -- From the Beach To the Nature.

The Lakes of Las Coloradas, Mexico, Are the Most Unexpected Sight in the Yucután

It's so Easy To Get To This Gorgeous Open-Air Grotto in Portugal

Why Kids Jump Into the Water After Departing Ferries in Sikinos, Greece

Barracuda Lake Is the Most Unreal Looking Place in the Philippines

Camp Next To Sheep at This Adorable Norway Beach Campground

The Figure Eight Pools Are Dangerous To Visit but the Views Might Be Worth the Risk

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