SKRADINSKI BUK is the longest waterfall on the Krka River in Croatia’s Krka National Park—one of the country’s eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These falls are the seventh and final along the Krka river.

Skradinski buk (buk means cascade) is created by a natural travertine barrier along the river, and the falls are not one, but a series of 17 steps over the course of 800m. The width of the falls is impressive as well, varying between 200m and 400m. Skradinski buk ends in a large pool which is super popular for swimming. For the daredevils, you can jump from the final fall (12m high) into the pool below.

But these falls aren’t the only spectacle to see in the park. Make sure you take the walking trail at Skradinski buk—about an hour round trip—and check out the rest of the park, including Roski slap, ‘the vast waterfall’ just upriver from Skradinski buk.

How to get there

Krka National Park is a few kilometers Northeast of Sibenik, in Central Dalmatia, Croatia. The park is over 74km long, but the entrance for Skradinski Buk is at a big parking lot near Lozovac—the main park entrance. You can also access the falls from the village of Skradin. Most people take a boat 4km to the entrance, but some choose to walk or bike it.

What to consider

  • Officials have limited access to Skradinski buk waterfall section of the park to 10,000 visitors at a time.
  • Stay on the paths provided. People have done damage to the site in the name of selfies, and now it is at risk for losing its UNESCO status.
  • Check out the Skradinski Buk trail to see more waterfalls, rapids, and plantlife.
  • At the base of the waterfalls is a big pool for swimming—definitely bring your suit.
  • Best time to visit for the most water is during the rainy season—Fall or early Winter—but a lot of people come in the warmer months for the swimming.
  • Go early to avoid crowds.