If there’s an African country that feels completely approachable to Americans, it’s likely South Africa — since lifting apartheid nearly 30 years ago, it’s become the go-to for U.S. tourists seeking to experience the continent. South Africa is a hotspot for safaris, and while Kruger National Park is the most popular place to do one, read on and find some other, less-discovered spots that are just as rich in wildlife.

We’ll teach you about the not-so-scary-but-very-smelly reality of shark diving in South Africa, as well as guide you through some of the country’s culinary highlights, like bunny chow and Cape Malay curry. You’ll also learn how to bike your way through the Western Cape, if tour busses aren’t really your thing.

Matador has comprehensive city guides to both Johannesburg and Cape Town, where you’ll discover all the best bars, restaurants, and places to stay in South Africa’s two largest cities. If you’re coming for cannabis, we’ve got you covered there too with all you need to know about using it here. And should you need a hangover cure, we’ll introduce you to the Gatsby, the biggest sandwich you’ll ever eat — and something you’ll definitely want to share.