Tucked in a corner at the borders of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, the 275 falls of Iguazu dwarf Niagara.
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Few countries on Earth offer the variety of experiences you can find in Argentina, whether that’s hiking among glaciers in Patagonia, dancing a tango in Buenos Aires, or trekking through the jungle to Iguazu Falls.

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Though Argentina might be best known in America for its spectacular wine regions in Mendoza – and the Malbecs they produce – it’s also a fantastic place to get a prime cut of steak. And it’ll cost less than half what it would back home.

Eating and drinking is much of the allure of Argentina, sure, but lesser-known places in the country are worth the flight too. The Puna desert makes the Mojave look overpopulated, and you can find turquoise waters far from the beaches in Rio Negro. It’s a paradise for nature lovers, wine lovers, and city dwellers alike. No matter your flavor, we’ve got an Argentina travel guide that’ll help you along the way.

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