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14 Things That Mean Something Completely Different to an Argentine Living Abroad

Argentina Languages
by Clara R. Feb 18, 2015
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1. To eat meat

In Argentina: A vital need shared by everyone around you.
Outside of Argentina: A permanent disappointment.

2. Ricardo Darín

In Argentina: An actor whose name you might forget sometimes.
Outside of Argentina: A sort of old friend or relative that you’re always very happy to see, even on the screen.

3. The bidet

In Argentina: A ubiquitous bathroom device.
Outside of Argentina: A wonder that horrifies all of your friends when you try to explain what it’s for…

4. The Argentinean accent

In Argentina: What you hear 24/7.
Outside of Argentina: the greatest comfort to your soul.

5. Ice cream

In Argentina: A major pleasure for which you’re used to having many amazing choices: Freddo, Munchis, Cremolatti, and especially Daniel.
Outside of Argentina: Don’t even try, it will never be the same.

6. Uruguayans

In Argentina: Those people whose country we used to visit during the Summer, who have to deal with us.
Outside of Argentina: Your soul mates.

7. The Martín Fierro

In Argentina: The name of a prize given to actors and radio stars, or a very boring book that you had to read in high school.
Outside of Argentina: A book that everybody assumes you’re an expert in.

8. Alfajores

In Argentina: Something you used to buy every time you got hungry and you were in a rush.
Outside of Argentina: Little pieces of heaven that you’re always missing between meals.

9. The national anthem

In Argentina: A prelude before school plays and that annoying music that used to invade your radio at midnight.
Outside of Argentina: Oh, right…how was it? …Wait, wait, I’ve almost got it…

10. Movies and tv shows in their original version

In Argentina: The first thing you saw when you turned on your tv on any channel and the most obvious choice for a movie.
Outside of Argentina: The Loch Ness Monster (you may look for it, but people will think you’re crazy just because you believe in it).

11. Sky blue and white

In Argentina: Those colors that used to cover the city up in every patriotic holiday, those of the rosette of your uniform, the flags that your neighbors used to hang in their balconies for important sporting events and the constant evocation of the country you were living in.
Outside of Argentina: The colors you see on a cloudy day if you look up.

12. Voligoma

In Argentina: Something you had in your bag during your school years and you were always complaining about its uselessness.
Outside of Argentina: A genius product that everybody borrows and that you’ve just understood how useful it is.

13. The holidays

In Argentina: That amazing magic moment for which you had been waiting the entire year and that used to bring you three awesome months of summer break. Back then, your greatest wish was that it didn’t get too hot.
Outside of Argentina: A little break in the middle of the academic or working year, in the coldest, darkest depths of winter. Now, your new greatest wish is some snow, please.

14. Mate

In Argentina: That beverage you used to drink with your friends or your family, at any time, and that was too present to notice it.
Outside of Argentina: Something that means so much you can’t really explain what it is.

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