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16 Instagrammers Crushing It in Melbourne

Melbourne Galleries
by Lindsay Buckley Oct 27, 2015

1. @melbournetodo

These folks share their best Melbourne secrets, the kind of things you won’t find in any travel guidebooks: like where to sample the best banh mi sandwich, where to find the coolest hidden bars and laneways, and what events are on each day.

2. @melbourneiloveyou (Chris Cincotta)

Chris Cincotta, is founder of the Humans of Melbourne Facebook page. Chris shares his images and curates the #melbourneiloveyou tag. There’s even a cafe in Centre Place (a laneway in the CBD) that asked for permission to stamp “Melbourne I Love You” onto their takeaway coffee cups, a prop featured throughout his Instagram feed.

3. @itchiknii (Nick Styles)

Nick’s focuses on environmental portraiture. He somehow manages to get his photography subjects to hula hoop, flip their hair, jump off boulders, and get their feet wet in visually stunning places around Melbourne and Bendigo.

4. @fitbackpacker (Joanna Romano)

“When I die, it’ll be with memories not dreams. Because right now, I’m living all mine” @glographics My instafriend Gloria from The Blog Abroad has just released her first e-book. This girl has turned her excuses into excursions and is now living the dream! Give @glographics a follow and check out her new e-book “From excuses to excursions” (the link is in her bio). 💭 #fitbackpacker

A photo posted by Joanna Romano (@fitbackpacker) on

Joanna’s a Brazilian nomad roaming the world for 8 years and counting. She currently calls Melbourne home and spends her free time roadtripping around Victoria. Not only does she shoot beautiful places, but she also isn’t afraid to break out the selfie stick.

5. @frugalfrolicker (Lindsay Buckley)

I’m happiest exploring new places with my camera in hand 😍 Especially when said places include beaches, bridges, or street art!

A photo posted by Lindsay | aka @lindsaypunk (@frugalfrolicker) on

Lindsay’s a travel blogger and photographer who ditched her corporate American life last year and moved to Australia without a plan.

6. @cannographer (Andrew Northover)

“Find yourself an object. A stone, a shell, a piece of driftwood. Something which captures your eye. Hold this item in silence and associate all your sadness, despair and negative energy to this object. Use it to find your own path, and cast it into the ocean, freeing yourself of all troubles. This walk is about you”. A task from this weekend’s “Slow Camp” organised by the amazing Jessie from @theslowcamp / @happy_glamper, with event co-hosting by Sarah from @_goddesstribe_ . I was asked to spend two days with the girls, follow their journey and photograph the weekend as it unraveled. To be honest, I was amazed with the results. @lejasp #CollectMemoriesNotThings #glamping #campinginstyle #journeyoflife #spiritualgrowth

A photo posted by Andrew Northover (@cannographer) on

Andrew loves exploring Gippsland. “Every time we head outdoors here, we manage to find something completely unlike anything we’ve ever seen before,” he says. Many of Andrew’s Instagram shots were originally taken with a film camera, and they are stunning.

7. @adingattamimi_photography (Ading Attamimi)

Splitting his time between Melbourne and Jakarta, Ading’s feed is mixes images from Australia and Indonesia.

8. @jarrodhydephotography (Jarrod Hyde)

Jarrod specializes in landscape photography. His long-exposure waterfall and seascape photos are especially stunning. Don’t miss his recent shots of the Southern Lights he witnessed on the southern Australian coast and Tasmania!

9. @oakandink (Matthew Deutscher)

108 | PANTONE 2757 | De rocks 👊⚡️@twistdee #SydneyFolk #Pantone #Pantone2757

A photo posted by Inspired by people & Pantone. (@oakandink) on

The concept behind the Oak and Ink Instagram: In each image, this Melbourne-based designer and photographer works his way through the Pantone swatch book. Scrolling through the thumbnail collage, you can see the transition through various hues of gray, yellow, green, and blue, with each image having a dominant color that matches a Pantone swatch.

10. @legojacker (Kanesan Nathan)

Kanesan has been “hijacking everyday situations with toys” since becoming a Melbourne dweller 3.5 years ago. His toy of choice? Legos.

11. @thisisrossco (Ross Latham)

@julianlallo ‘s classic spin moves 🔥💃📷

A photo posted by Ross Latham (@thisisrossco) on

Sick long exposures and Melbourne skyline after dark are Latham’s calling card.

12. @changeroomfoods (Mandy Banh)

Mandy’s is about an even split between photogenic dishes she’s ordered at Melbourne cafes and colorful home-cooked meals and treats she’s prepared herself.

13. @whitneylouise (Whitney Louise)

Seeing the world from a different perspective | A day in the fields shooting w/ this kid @kh4nye ☀️ #olympusinspired

A photo posted by W. | Pixie (@whitneylouise) on

Whitney is a self-proclaimed coffee addict and epicurean. Whitney also instagrams other aspects of her daily life, such as fashion and interior design.

14. @melbournegirl (Emily Collie)

She runs a lifestyle, fashion, and travel blog of the same name and reports on all the sights and events, shopping, and restaurants.

15. @rayofmelbourne (Ray of Melbourne)

Colours of Centre Place #Melbourne 🎨🍴☕️ #RestaurantAustralia

A photo posted by Melbourne Australia (@rayofmelbourne) on

Ray of Melboure’s super-saturated photos of sunsets, street art, and laneways make Melbourne look like it’s been kissed by a rainbow.

16. @connorjvaughan (Connor Vaughan)

Picture yourself in my shoes at this moment; how do you feel?

A photo posted by Connor Vaughan (@connorjvaughan) on

Connor posts some killer Melbourne street photography, often photographing people in tunnels, on train tracks, or in the middle of the street. He always seems to be hanging out on (or off of) a new rooftop, creating some seriously compelling images of Melbourne from above.

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