After spending your first day checking out more of the city side of Dallas, take some time to see nature and the culture that inspired Fort Worth’s “Cowtown” nickname. It’s not a Texas experience, afterall, without a deep exploration of cowboys and cattle.

Eat a hearty brunch in the heart of Uptown

It’s going to be a big day, so pack in the calories at The Common Table in the city before heading out. The brunch menu, which changes slightly every month, is always loaded with Southern favorites like chicken fried ribeye and chicken and waffles. Don’t doubt the quality of the grilled cheese.

Spend the day in nature

Early morning mist with sunrise behind trees in the Great Trinity Forest, Dallas, Texas

Photo: DanVP/Shutterstock

Take the short drive down to the Trinity River Audubon Center, which is part of the 6,000-acre Great Trinity River Forest. There are more than 200 species of migratory birds that can be found here along with other animals, and you can spend the early hours hiking through the wetland and forest or try kayaking.

Late lunch with tableside margaritas

If you’re the type of person who thinks the great outdoors can only be great for a couple of hours, then it’s time to head to Beto and Son for next generation Mexican food. The food is made with fresh, local ingredients. Make sure to get a tableside Frozen Nitro Rita served from a drink cart right next to you.

Get a taste of Texas’ cattle history

Banner at the Fort Worth Stock Yards, Texas

Photo: Kokoulina/Shutterstock

Cattle plays an important role in Texas history. Make your way toward Fort Worth and the Stockyards Museum to learn why. Entry is only $2, and you’ll get to see why the cattle market was known as the “Wall Street of the West” along with memorabilia from Western movies and rodeos. Try out the Western Experience for a more in depth look.

Dine at a classic Texas steakhouse

While learning about cattle history can be informative, there’s nothing like an actual taste of cattle history. Eat dinner at Hunter Brothers’ H3 Ranch (make a reservation or be prepared to wait) and dine on as much wood-fired steak as you can. It’s a natural transition for the day, as the decor will make you feel like you walked into Stockyards Museum part two.

End your night at the world’s largest honky tonk

Billy Bob's Texas

Photo: Billy Bob’s Texas/Facebook

Tonight is your night to learn how to do a proper Texas two-step. Billed as the “World’s Largest Honky Tonk,” Billy Bob’s Texas is a massive venue that attracts top country music talent. You can hang out around the indoor rodeo arena or play some pool, but don’t leave without spending some time on the ever-packed dance floor.