Stretching almost 3,500 miles from New Hampshire to Canada, Maine's dramatic shoreline is at its wildest in Acadia National Park, a rocky and mountainous coastal landscape more reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest than the Eastern Seaboard. Within the park's nearly 50,000 acres are 120 miles of hiking trails, 30 lakes, three expansive campgrounds, and myriad options to hike, fish, bike, and boat.

Glacier-carved mountains offer panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, peninsulas, islands, cliffs, and valleys. Be the first in America to watch the sunrise from atop Cadillac Mountain, or cast your line at one of a dozen freshwater fishing spots within the park. Mount Desert Island, where the majority of the park is located, also has a distinctly New-England feel, with small fishing villages, lobstering boats, and buoys bobbing quietly in the harbors.

While New England’s only national park can get crowded during the summer, its sheer size makes for plenty of ways to get away from the bustle to immerse yourself — in near solitude — in the park’s natural splendor.