Over the last decade, Buenos Aires has been a second home. At different times I’ve lived in San Telmo, Palermo, Quilmes, and right on Avenida de Mayo in the city center. This city is always alive with music — more than anywhere I’ve ever been, and I’ve always wanted to share it with others. Please enjoy listening, and scrolling through some of the images below.




As travelers we tend to associate our journeys with seeing places. We photograph them, we post to Insta, we share.

But in its deepest moments, travel is the art of listening. You feel this in truly physical way when you begin to learn a new language. You listen, you take in the way local people talk, the way they express certain things. All of it plays into the soundtrack. In fact, my favorite moments while mixing this were simply hearing the people talk.

What fascinates me so much about sound is that for every sound there is a story. It’s just up to us to hear it.

What do your journeys sound like?


Recording, mixing, and photography by David Miller
Opening drone sequences by Lucas Ullua