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Latest Astronomy

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A rare Earth-like planet was discovered deep in the Milky Way

Tom Cruise, Elon Musk, and NASA to shoot a movie in space

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An asteroid will pass by Earth next week, and people say it looks like it’s wearing a face mask

Get lost in NASA’s famous ‘Pillars of Creation’ photos

NASA releases 50-year timelapse of the earth and moon for Earth Day

Lyrid meteor shower to streak across the sky next week

The Pacific island of Niue is the world’s first ‘dark sky nation’

Fairbanks, Alaska, is the best place in the US to catch the northern lights

These astronauts gave their pro tips for surviving social isolation

NASA will show the cosmic wonders the Hubble Space Telescope captured on your birthday

April’s ‘pink’ supermoon will be the brightest moon of 2020

Livestream the northern lights to stay connected with the outdoors during self-isolation

These constellations are in full force this spring. Here’s when to watch them.

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